Tuesday, September 06, 2005

WildCasts - PodCast Producers

Hi There - we are WildCasts!
We produce podcasts. Ones we like. People we like. Things we like.
We want to stimulate podcasting and provide shows for the audience which are not currently there.

We are full of ideas on things to do and where the whole thing is going.

Our team is made up of digital media professionals from the areas of Film, Televison, Radio, Web, Mobile Media and Telecoms.
We like podcasting and just want to see what we can do.

We are currently producing a couple of podcasts - CultureSluts and Ireland Digital.

If you are a media company, journalist, broadcaster, enthusiast or just a general nut who likes the sound of your own voice and you want to PODCAST - then if we like your idea, we'll help you do it.
Just give us a shout on wildcast at mac dot com.

happy podcastin'